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Corporate Social Responsibility

MMC ENGINEERING Assists Villagers In Kemaman, Prepares For Monsoon Season

17 October 2021 / Graphite Project, Terengganu

MMC Engineering Sdn Bhd (MMC Engineering), a member of MMC Group, has successfully organised a Food Bank Initiative Programme for the community within Gas Pipeline Replacement (Graphite) Project area in Kemaman, Terengganu as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

The Food Bank Initiative Programme aimed at providing necessities to the local community and minimise their burden due to the pandemic as well as preparation for the upcoming monsoon season in the East Coast Malaysia. For this initiative, MMC Engineering has identified five locations in Kemaman where the food banks will be placed for three months from October until December 2021 namely, Kampung Pengkalan Ranggun, Kampung Chabang, Kampung Semayor, Kampung Bukit Teruna and Kampung Bukit Anak Dara.

These villages are within the 33 kilometres involve in the construction of the Graphite project.  This CSR programme is part of the project’s team initiatives to reach out to the local community to foster a strong relationship and at the same time to reflect the company’s commitment as a responsible corporate organisation.

roximately 60 acres of land to build a finished platform level of +5.0 mCD.